2017 National Conference

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    Building an Effective Coalition to Fight Restrictive Regulations

    Session Number: 2033
    Track: Finance and Legal Operations
    Session Type: Breakout Session (60 minutes)
    Primary Presenter: Michelle Acquavella [Founder/Owner - Sea to Sky Rentals, LLC]
    Co-Presenter or Panelist: Tom Martinelli [Airbnb]
    Second Co-Presenter or Panelist: Philip Minardi [Director, Policy Communications - Expedia, Inc.]
    Time: Oct 17, 2017 (01:30 PM - 02:30 PM)
    Room: Championsgate

    2 Learning Takeaways: How to organize local stakeholders
    Who you want on your team by hiring experts and professionals
    What strengths each stakeholder can bring to the fight (money, resources, boots on the ground, strength in numbers)
    Strategies for public and private government meetings
    Secondary Session Track: Finance and Legal Operations
    Target Audience: President/CEO/Owner
    Experience Level: Advanced

    Session Description:  Building a coalition and creating a unified voice of local stakeholders and the major listing sites is the most effective way to fight restrictive regulations. During this session, representatives from Airbnb, HomeAway and Sea to Sky Rentals will discuss how property managers in Seattle were able to organize local stakeholders and how you can replicate this process. Takeaways include: working with the major listing sites, identifying what each party brings to the table that strengthens your position, fundraising strategies, hiring the appropriate experts, leveraging the media, and making your presence known and voices heard by your government in a way that will make them listen to you.

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